Your experts for abdominal wall and inguinal hernias in Berlin

As experienced hernia surgeons, we offer you highly qualified diagnostics and surgical treatment of inguinal and abdominal wall hernias. 


Through our regular participation in national and international congresses, we are scientifically up to date in hernia surgery and apply these findings directly in surgery.


We are your competent contact in Berlin and would be pleased to welcome you for a personal consultation in our practice. 


Your PD Dr. Dietmar Jacob



You can easily book appointments online in our appointment calendar DOCTOLIB.

Attention: You can of course also book an appointment at or by calling 030 76 88 66 33. In doing so, we must enter you in our appointment calendar DOCTOLIB. If you do not wish to do this, unfortunately we cannot offer you an appointment.


Please keep in mind that we do not hold office hours via e-mail and that if you have any technical questions, you will need to come to our office.


Important: If you cannot keep your appointment, please inform us in time. Other patients who are urgently waiting for an appointment will thank you.

Why come to us?


With the experience of over 4000 surgeries and many publications, we have a very large expertise in the field of hernia surgery. Benefit from our experience.



Short waiting times

Through our online appointment system we always have appointments for you at short notice, please check our online appointment calendar DOCTOLIB


Tailored Approach

Patients are cared for individually and we put together an optimal, tailored therapy (so-called tailored approach). Open and minimally invasive operations are used.


One contact person

It is particularly important to us that the entire treatment is in one hand and that you are cared for throughout by experienced specialists. Before, during and after the operation.

Outpatient surgery preferred

Hernia surgery is a matter of trust. At our clinic, all patients are treated only by specialists in the treatment of abdominal wall and inguinal hernias. You know your surgeon and can turn to him or her with confidence even after the operation. No anonymity or long waiting times in emergency rooms.


In hernia surgery, minor procedures such as umbilical or upper abdominal hernias can be performed very well on an outpatient basis. As a patient, this gives you the following advantages:

  • You know your surgeons and the anesthesia is performed by a very experienced anesthesiologist.
  • You do not have to be afraid of the anesthesia and you are guaranteed to wake up every time.
  • No waiting time before surgery and no appointment cancellations or postponements due to emergencies.
  • Friendly and individual care during the operation. We are always available for you.
  • No risk of infection with multi-resistant germs.
  • Better recovery in familiar surroundings, at your home. 

Outpatient operations are performed in our practice in Berlin-Lankwitz, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 24-26.


Nevertheless, there are also cases that have to be performed as in-patient operations with overnight stays. Here we operate in the Schöneberg Clinic and in the Havel Clinic in Berlin.

Quality is important to us

Since 2014, we have voluntarily participated in the HERNIAMED quality assurance study with our patients who agree to this.


All patients who have undergone surgery with us are briefly interviewed after 1, 5 and 10 years and the results are documented. On the basis of this data, we have been able to gain many new insights that have been directly incorporated into patient care.


As a distinction for this quality service, we were awarded the seal of the German Hernia Society (DHG).

Our speaking hours

Please note our special office hours during which competent advice is guaranteed.



09:00 - 12:00


13:00 - 16:00


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13:00 - 16:00


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13:00 - 15:00

Please make appointments to keep waiting times as short as possible.


The speaking hours are without guarantee and can vary e.g. due to operation days, further and advanced training as well as illness. 


Emergencies can come to our practice at the above times after consultation, but must expect waiting time.

Our special speaking hours

Spezielle Sprechstunde: Hernien in der Schwangerschaft

Hernias in pregnancy

The formation of abdominal wall hernias during pregnancy is a common phenomenon and mostly harmless. Nevertheless, patients are often confused and there are also differential diagnoses that are not so well known.


Based on our expertise, we can answer all your questions, allay your fears and give you honest advice on whether and when surgery is advisable. Trust the experts.



Spezielle Sprechstunde: Rektusdiastase nach Schwangerschaft

Rectus diastasis after pregnancy

A pathological widening of the straight abdominal muscles (rectus muscle) is called rectus diastasis, whereby a gap of more than 2 cm is already considered pathological widening in Germany. This is often associated with a very thin abdominal wall, in which the formation of upper abdominal and umbilical hernias is favored.


The therapy of this abdominal wall slackening is problematic, since existing abdominal wall hernias in particular must be treated professionally. Special expertise is important here, which requires interdisciplinary therapy.


We offer you a detailed consultation and whether an operation is necessary.


In a large practice with many patients, not everything always goes smoothly. We are working on ourselves and you are welcome to send your criticism directly to me at so that we can also improve. 


Of course, we are also happy to receive positive feedback and/or a rating on GOOGLE.


Ihr PD Dr. Dietmar Jacob

(practice owner)

Other services of our practice

We are specialize in minimally invasive treatment of rectal conditions - painless and on an outpatient basis. Our experts deal empathetically with the issue of hemorrhoidal disease, anal fistulas and anal fissures. For good results we use the latest therapy methods - so you are always in good hands with us.

For over 10 years, we have specialized in minimally invasive therapy of pilonidal cyst (pilonidal sinus). Large excisions should be a thing of the past. Most findings can be operated on under local anesthesia using the pit picking technique, sinusectomy or laser therapy. We have compiled detailed information for you.

Our practice in Lankwitz is designated as a transit doctor's practice for occupational accidents - with a specialist guarantee. But also orthopedic clinical pictures are successfully treated without surgery according to the latest standard by our experts.

Praxis Lankwitz

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 24-26

12247 Berlin


Tel   030 76 88 66 33

Fax 030 76 88 66 329




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